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Cane Corso breeder,  producing top-quality puppies since 2019.  We are known for our exceptional breeding standards and healthy, well-tempered puppies.

About us

4+ Years of Breeding

We have been passionately breeding these majestic dogs since 2019 with a focus on enhancing the breed’s physical and temperamental attributes. Our commitment to responsible breeding practices has earned us a reputation in our community for producing healthy, well-tempered puppies that make excellent family pets and protectors. You can trust that every pup is raised with love and care, and comes with all necessary vaccinations and paperwork.

Ready to Adopt?

Looking to adopt one of our adorable puppies? They make wonderful gifts for your family! Get in touch with us via call or text to inquire about our upcoming litter and begin the process of bringing home your new furry friend.


Trusted breeder in Douglasville, GA

Our dedication to uniting puppies with loving families in our community has been unwavering since we began breeding. We proudly serve the Douglasville area and have built a reputation for earning the trust and repeat business of those who have welcomed our puppies into their homes.

“We decided to get a watch dog for our family but we wanted a dog that would also be good with our kids, 3 and 7. We couldn’t be happier with our decision! The puppy has quickly become a beloved member of our family. They were extremely helpful throughout the entire process, answering all of our questions and providing us with all the necessary information to ensure the puppy’s smooth transition into our home. “

Dennis J.

“This was my first time owning a dog so I was a bit apprehensive about everything at first. They made this experience easy which was a relief for me. They provided us with all the information we needed to properly care for our puppy and even checked in with us after we brought her home to ensure everything was going smoothly. Our puppy has been wonderful and we are so grateful to have found them. Highly recommend!”

Patricia V.


Majestic Corso Kennel Dogs